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Irrigation Systems

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Take control of the water that reaches your lawn

Hand-watering can be an imprecise process that allows too much water to seep into the soil. This can leach nutrients from your lawn and cause plants to wither as the soil compacts. An irrigation system can help you maintain control over the amount and rate of water that reaches your lawn to keep it looking vibrant and fresh.

Make eco-friendly irrigation work for your schedule

It's difficult to find time to provide the care that your lawn needs, especially if you're dealing with a larger garden. Conserve your own precious time by calling Sullivan Lawn Services about irrigation systems today.

Don't waste another drop of water

Don't exhaust yourself watering your lawn by hand when that effort can be put to much better use elsewhere. Ask us about convenient irrigation systems to keep your lawn green.

Refresh your lawn with the water it needs

A controlled irrigation system is a much more eco-friendly solution to keeping your garden green than hand watering it on your own. Enjoy the flexibility of being able to work in your garden while your system waters it perfectly on its own.

Irrigation System Installation